Our objective for McKay Oval and Moore Park Playing Fields is to raise enough money to help upgrade the playing fields and facilities at both McKay and Moore Park West, adjacent to the School. 

Over 90 per cent of High’s 1200 students play Saturday/GPS sport and train two or three days per week and the School has enormous need for playing fields and practice areas. With nearly 50 football teams for both rugby and soccer playing in winter and 12 cricket teams and 40 basketball teams in summer, assured access to playing fields is vital to maintain and improve the School’s sports program. The prospects for retaining assured access, under long-term agreements, will be enhanced if High can make contributions towards upgrading the fields. Your generosity will enable our boys to train and play to the best of their ability in GPS and CHS competitions. Every gift makes a difference to the lives of our boys.

Please support young men who can go above and beyond – exceeding the expectations of their parents, society and themselves. Bright and capable boys deserve every chance to make it to the top, please give today if this is your VISION too.

Every gift makes a difference to the lives of our Sydney Boys.

Help us achieve our HIGHER VISION