The Interactive Classroom Technology project’s purpose is to enhance the digital learning technologies available in classrooms and other learning spaces. Sydney Boys High School has provided a computer and digital display in each classroom for many years. This equipment is both end-of-life and only designed to support a single model of education: lecturing.

The way our teachers and students use technology has evolved over the years. All students now have a laptop or similar device at their fingertips. Teachers want to use digital and online resources with their students in interactive and collaborative ways. All need to be able to rely on our digital capabilities as they move around the school.

The Classroom Technology Project makes rooms bright, ensuring learning content is clearly visible and audible. It standardises layout of technology equipment in each classroom – all operate in the same way. Each room allows teachers to wirelessly interact with the room’s projector from their preferred location in the room. Teachers can allow give students use of the room display and students can use learning spaces for collaboration without a teacher. Everyone can interact with the content being displayed in the classroom.

The pilot phase is complete with seven rooms in the McDonald Wing fitted out and 50 still to go. Only through the support of parents and the school community will we be able to bring the project’s benefits to all our staff and students.